Can someone who hasn’t liked this pls do because 99 is gettin on my nerves!!!

yonceft asked: hey! I really love your blog and I'd love it if you checked out mine, thank you and have a great day <33

sure :)

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what the fuck do you do when your nipples itch??? itch????? no cus painful?????

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so so so glad the other youtubers aren’t just letting this go

I love how everything is a lot more colourful when it’s raining

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var på samma klubb som Reinfeldts son igår lol

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hatesharry asked: Ååh vart är den där baseboll aktiga tröjan ifrån? Sååå sjukt snygg!!!, tusen tack!!!!

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Anonymous asked: you're so incredibly pretty oh gosh i wish i looked like you like seriously YOUR FACE


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Anonymous asked: omg you kind of look like chelsea kane youre really pretty

omg what I don’t but thank you

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Lookin hella good

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Anonymous asked: Do you drink? If so, have you ever gotten, like, really drunk?

yes not too often but I do and yes

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Anonymous asked: where is your shirt/dress from?

boohoo :)

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Pre party shorter hair selfies yeyeye


Cara Delevingne leading the finale at Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2013